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Cardboard boxes

From big to small ones, shipping to storage, there’s something for every product and purpose. So whether you’re looking for double or triple wall boxes you’ve found the right supplier. All our are strong, designed to protect your products in transit and storage They’re manufactured to a consistent standard from high-quality cardboard to give you superior resistance against bursting and crushing in most temperatures. Our boxes are delivered flat packed.

cardboard production machine
Cardboard Boxes:
Boxes type:
  • double wall BC
  • triple wall BC

We can produce all kinds and shapes of folding cartons.

Different cardboard formats
Properties of the bubble envelope
Envelopes are made of white one-sided smooth KRAFT type paper. The paper is coated with Polyethylene (PE), which provides resistance to moisture.
A – 115×175 mm
B – 135 x 225 mm
C – 165 x 225 mm
D – 195 x 275 mm
E – 235 x 275 mm
F – 235 x 350 mm
G – 245x 350 mm
H – 285 x 370 mm
J – 315 x 445 mm
Bubble envelopes production machine

Envelopes are built with bubble wall construction inside for extra protection during transport and it makes easy to stow the delivery in it as well as to take it out.

There are heat seals at the bottom and both edges of the envelopes. The top has easy self-seal closure with a wide paper release liner to make the preparation of your delivery quick and reliable.

There are around 11 main formats but we can make custom size production.